ambidextrous quick coupling hinge

for grilles


ambidextrous quick coupling hinge

for grilles


The RAPID BLOCK hinge made of zama with a central stainless steel pin allows quick assembly inside the door frame without resorting to welding or screwing.

The innovative fastening system allows you to lock the pushers against the internal walls of the box simply by screwing the tie rod hidden inside the body of

the hinge, making it one with the frame.

The same system allows the quick release of the hinge for any maintenance operations.

The fixing resists the vibrations induced by the normal use of the railing.

The RAPID BLOCK hinge is suitable for 40x30 section boxes with a wall thickness of 1.5 / 2mm.

Extremely easy to assemble. It is not necessary to resort to welding and subsequent grinding.

Being ambidextrous, assembly and storage problems are reduced. Removable central pin to allow painting and maintenance even with the railing installed.

No longer welding therefore no needed a welding operator

Railing construction time reduced

No longer 45° cut needed

No Assembly imperfections

Aesthetically linear and modern

Can be disassembled


Single article for each movement of the railing


Symmetrical cuts of the box respect to the hinge pin



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