Pettiti Giuseppe S.p.A.

Accessories for sliding doors and metal fittings

Pettiti Giuseppe S.p.A. is  specialized in products for blacksmithshop; in particular, accessories for sliding doors, welding adjustable hinges, wheels in steel and nylon for gates, pintles, accessories for gates, door-closers, ornaments, counter frames for sliding doors, security sliding grille.

The Company Pettiti Giuseppe S.p.A. was born in 1948 as automatic turnery. Thanks to the investments made, the Company PETTITI can produce turned pieces of high precision and can guarantee to the regional market an important reference point for important supplies, by this way the Company is considered leader in this branch.

In 1970 the Company starts to produce hardware products and is issuing the first catalogue that will completely change its market.


the complete kit to easily create a sliding panel wardrobe

the only automatic shutter stopper in opening and closing

Multi-Purpose Pliers
| PZ-58 | PZ-59 |

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